1. Whiteley Textiles Ltd

    Textile Merchants

    Registered Office: 5/6 Bank End, Upper Greetland, Halifax, HX4 8PR

    Tel / Fax 01422 371873 Mob 07973 655983

  2. Whiteley Textiles Ltd

    Whiteley Textiles grew out of Robin’s lifelong career in the textile industry. He started working in the family textile mill while still at school during school holidays, then studied textile technology at Huddersfield before working full time in the business and eventually becoming a director.

    Sadly the business closed in 1990 but with Robin’s wide range of contacts within the industry, he embarked on a second career as a textile merchant, mainly dealing in winding cones, spinning and twisting tubes, yarns and mill accessories.

    A wide knowledge of the industry means that he’s able to source most types of cones and tubes and offer them from stock, if available, and deliver within one or two days.

    Whiteley Textiles provides a service which supplies textile winding cones to: Yarn spinners, Dyers, Doublers and Weavers.

    These cones are second-hand, in plastic or paper, all damaged cones being removed, Some types are in solid colours, label-free.

    No need to buy new cones at great expense.

    These cones will fit all kinds of winding machinery, for all types of yarns, most of which can be delivered from stock, usually within a day.

    • 5” traverse, 4 ̊20, plastic perforated cones, suitable for steaming
    • 6” trav. 4 ̊20, plastic perforated, for steaming
    • 6” trav. 4 ̊20, suitable for dyeing
    • 6” trav. 4 ̊20, paper bullnose cones
    • 6” trav. 4 ̊20, paper opennose cones
    • 6” trav. 5 ̊57, plastic cones, bullnose and opennose
    • 6” trav. 5 ̊57, paper cones, bullnose and opennose
    • 6” trav. PSDP (parallel sided dye package)
    • 8” trav. 4 ̊20, plastic cones
    • 8” trav. 3 ̊30, paper cones
    • 10” trav. 3 ̊30, paper and plastic bullnose cones
    • 10” trav. 1 ̊50, paper and plastic bullnose cones
    • Some stocks of Allma / HDB Twisting Tubes

    Manufacturers of heavy duty decorators / builders dust sheets (woven in Yorkshire)

    Various textile antiquities


    CONTACT ROBIN on 07973 655983

    Email: whitetex@aol.com

  3. Examples of cones avaliable.

    Images showing a range of cones from stock, if available, and deliver within one or two days.